16 L Plastic Smart Trash Bin


3D dual mode induction, rapid opening, silent opening, low power consumption and environmental protection; intelligent era, infrared sensing mode + smart touch mode + long battery life rechargeable + normally open manual mode + 15L capacity barrel body + touch button design + low Consumption standby design.

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  • Intelligent sensor trash can. It is a smart life, 3D induction, all-round sensor opening.
  • Detecting each of your movements. Fast and sensitive . You want to move and move first, 30 cm sensing distance. You don't need to touch the trash can when you put the garbage away from the fungus! 
  • Intelligent tapping , vibration sensing open cover, side scenes available, can be opened by tapping easily. Practical and comprehensive, all-round kick-sensing. Whole body vibration sensing, no need to specify position, convenient and fast.
  • 3 kinds of sensing modes are free to open , sensing mode, tapping mode, manual mode.
  • Longer battery life, from powerful battery , self-developed power management IC chip, charge and discharge protection, low power standby design, standby mode in standard mode are all ideal. USB-DC interface, please use 5V power adapter Charging, no need to replace the battery.

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Weight1.4 kg
Dimensions26.5 × 20.8 × 33 cm

Black, Grey, Khaki

16 L Plastic Smart Trash Bin

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