Leshu Electric Sleeping Swing Chair


Smart swing, three-part speed

Bluetooth music, baby sleeps with peace of mind.

The baby's head space is increased to increase the baby's activity space.

Remote control. Easy loading and unloading, easy to store. Removed mosquito net.

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  • Electric swing: The gentle swing of this rocking chair will keep your child calm and comfortable and help your baby relax after a nap or activity.
  • Scientific spine protection: ergonomic design makes you feel more comfortable and provides full support for your baby's back, neck and head to protect the spine
  • Versatility: Games, rest, sleep and transportation are all very suitable for babies' lives. Babies can sleep or entertain themselves when mothers take a bath, cook or do other household chores
  • The perfect gift: the perfect complement to the baby's life! Babies can sleep or entertain themselves while taking a bath, preparing meals, or completing other household chores.

Additional information

Weight4.7 kg
Dimensions68.5 × 63.5 × 15 cm

Dark grey, Pink, Red


0-6 months



Leshu Electric Sleeping Swing Chair

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